Over 45 years of long history and excellent track record.
We are a privately owned food processing & exporting company based in Pakistan and established in 1973. We specialized in the processing of long grains and Basmati Rice and Himalayan Pink Salt products. We have been serving international food industry by delivering quality products to our customers in many countries worldwide for over 45 years.

To be recognized as benchmark of quality, fair trade practices, organized company and to be a business entity having blind trust of all

Core Value

When it come to delivering food products, we understand that there is no compromise on quality hence we dedicate a significant part of our time to food safety and quality controls.

To fulfill our promise of quality, we keep ourselves updated with the latest quality control applied in the industry and continuously develop and update our quality controls throughout the supply chain.

We strive to build long-term relationship by providing our customers with consistent high quality products at affordable price and supporting them in their marketing effort to enhance the recognition of their brands

We believe in integrity and honesty and work to integrate strong ethical values in all aspect our organization.

The Himalayan Salt Business

The Himalayan Salt was the first products exported internationally under the umbrella of Shahpur Industries. Our Himalayan Salt operation was started in 1975, at that time, there were barely few companies that were involved in the processing and exporting of Himalayan Rock Salt.

Since then, our company is involved in the processing and export of Himalayan Rock Salt for various applications that include edible purposes, animals feeds, food processing, industrial uses and Salt decorative products.

Rice Processing & Export Division

The Company Rice Business was started in 1989 when the Government of Pakistan lifted the ban on the export of Rice by the private sector. Since then the company Rice business has grown significantly with established market in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and South East countries. Currently we are operating two complete processing units for Rice processing and exporting Rice to more than 15 countries worldwide.