Pure High Grade
Himalayan Edible Salt

Himalayan Salt, popularly known as Pink Salt comes from the Salt Ranges, located in Punjab province of Pakistan. It is the only source of Himalayan Salt from which the salt is supply to all around the world. The salt is classified as rock salt or halite salt and come in various shades from light to Dark Pink/Orange color.

Himalayan Salt mines has one of the largest salt reserve around the world with a capacity in hundreds of millions tons.

A high-quality pink Himalayan salt is one of the purest salts one can find around the world. Still mined by hand using traditional methods, that ensure little to no pollution in Salt. In comparison to table salt that undergoes many treatments to increase its purity and making it a heavily processed Salt, a pink salt is 100% natural Salt that does not require any chemical or bleaching process, making it a truly unique and natural salt.

Available in both Full Container Load (FCL) and Pallet Load (LCL) as per buyer requirements.  Retails & Bulk packing.

Himalayan Food Salt

Being 100% natural Salt, Himalayan Salt does not have much Iodine but as in other common refine salt in which Iodine is added during processing, iodine can also be added to Himalayan Rock Salt to make it a Iodized Himalayan Salt or Himalayan Table Salt.

Both Iodine and Anti-caking agent is optional in Himalayan Salt and can be added as per customers requirement.

Himalayan Light & Dark Pink Fine & Coarse Salt
Grains Sizes 0.2 to 6 mm

Dark Pink Fine Salt
Dark Pink 1-2 mm
Dark Pink 2-5 mm
Light Pink Fine Salt
Light Pink 1-2 mm
Light Pink 2-5 mm

Ranges of Packaging

Selected Super Basmati Rice

Salt Shaker

Himalayan salt Stand Up Paper Bag

Standing Poly Pouch
Net Weight 400g

Standing Poly Pouch for Salt

Standing Poly Pouch
500g | 800g

Salt poly Bags

Poly Bags
1 | 5 | 10 Kgs

Selected Super Basmati Rice

Strong WPP Bags
25 | 50 Kgs

Selected Super Basmati Rice

Sling Big Bags
1000 | 1300 Kgs

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