Supplier of Himalayan Salt lick for Livestock
We are exporting Himalayan Salt licks worldwide since 1976. Although traditional machine pressed Salt Licks are available for this purpose, but Himalayan Rock Salt are natural hard stones of pure & clean salt and consider best and safest for cattle Salt licking in most of the farming countries.

Minimum Quantity
Normal quantity is one 20ft container load. Please inform for smaller quantity and we will work out the details.

Advantages of Himalayan Cattle Salt Lick

  • No chemical process or additives
  • Hard Rock Salt lumps
  • Naturally occurred traces of minerals
  • High weather resistance capability
  • High Purity clean Salt
  • Unlimited shelf life under proper storage condition.

Rock Salt Specification

Parameters Values
Purity (NaCl) >98%
Water Insoluble Matter 0.24%
Moisture <0.20%
Lead <0.50 PPM
Arsenic <0.50 PPM
Copper 1.2 PPM
Cadmium <0.50 PPM
Sulphate (SO4) 0.16 PPM
Selenium <0.50 PPM

* Above values are based on periodic historical testings and may have slight variations from sample to sample.

Animal Salt Licks and Feed Salt

Available in rough lumps and crafted shape to suit the requirements of each individual customer

Rock Salt Lumps

Cattles Salt Lick Lumps
Hard Rock Salt Lumps in assorted sizes of 2 to 18 Kgs. Min 98% NaCl purity.

Himalayan Salt licks

Rock Salt Lick with Rope
Cylinder Shape Himalayan Salt licks with or without Rope. Made in different sizes.

Himalayan Salt licks

Compressed Salt Block with Rope
Himalayan Salt lick blocks with or without Rope. Available Size in 5 & 10 Kgs

Himalayan Animal coarse Salt

Himalayan Coarse Salt
Himalayan Salt in Fine & Coarse grains from 0 to 6mm for cattle feed.

Packaging Information

Strong WPP Bags

Available sizes:
25 Kgs | 50 Kgs

Rice Bulk

Jumbo/Big Bags

Available sizes:
1000 Kgs | 1300 Kgs

Big Bags for Salt

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