Salt Lumps, Fine & Coarse Salt

We supply Rock Salt in bulk to most sea ports around the world in 20′ container, loaded with 25 tons of Rock Salt. 

Rock Salt is an essential component for agriculture uses, livestock feeds, and many industrial applications. And the quality of Rock Salt is no doubt an important consideration for choosing the Rock Salt for the particular application.

Most of the Rock Salt mined around the world are of low quality with typical NaCl content of 92% to 96%. Due to low NaCl contents and a high level of impurity, these Rock Salt are ideal for Road De-icing applications but not as effective in other industrial uses.

Himalayan Rock Salt is both natural and has typical NaCl content of 98% or more with very low insoluble matter which make it ideal for many industrial application.

Rock Salt Specification

Parameters Values
Purity (NaCl) >98%
Water Insoluble Matter 0.24%
Moisture <0.2%
Lead <0.50 PPM
Arsenic <0.50 PPM
Copper 1.2 PPM
Cadmium <0.50 PPM
Sulphate (SO4) 0.16 PPM
Selenium <0.50 PPM

* Above values are based on periodic historical testings and may have slight variations from sample to sample.

Areas of Applications for Rock Salt

Textile Dye Manufacturing Salt

Animals Salt licks & Feed
Himalayan Rock Salt lumps and Coarse Grains with naturally occurred traces of minerals. Good quality Salt for livestock feed.

Oil Drilling Rock Salt

Oil Drilling Salt
High quality Fine & Coarse Rock Salt from Himalaya to meet the demanding requirements of oil and natural gas drilling.

Sheep Casing and Hides Treatment Salt

Animal Hides Treatment Salt
Fine and Coarse Rock Salt to treat and preserve the animals hides for later use in manufacturing of leather garments.

Textile Dye Manufacturing Salt

Glycerin, Soap, Detergent Salt
Rock Salt for making brine solution, for the manufacturing process of Soaps, Detergent and Glycerin.

Textile Dye Manufacturing Salt

Fish Curing Salt
For processing and preservation of Fishes in fishery Industry.

Textile Dye Manufacturing Salt

Water Conditioning Salt
Extra Coarse grade of Rock Salt with High purity NaCl, very low insoluble matter and moisture content. Ideal for Water Conditioning system.

Packaging Information

Strong WPP Bags

Available sizes:
25 Kgs | 50 Kgs

Rice Bulk

Jumbo/Big Bags

Available sizes:
1000 Kgs | 1300 Kgs

Big Bags for Salt

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