Himalayan Rock Salt

A Rock Salt Supplier since 1976 and one of the oldest Himalayan Salt Supplier in Pakistan.
Shahpur Industries is a manufacturer and exporter of Himalayan Salt. We are working in the Rock Salt industry since 1976 which makes us one of the oldest suppliers of Himalayan Salt in Pakistan. We are 100% export-oriented company, exporting Himalayan Salt to our customers in various industries all around the world.

Due to our history and roots with Salt mine, we are a well known Himalayan Salt company and well equipped to supply Rock Salt for many uses. Whether our customers require Himalayan Salt in bulk or retail packaging, we can offer various options that meet wide range of  packaging requirements.

Our Himalayan salt products range includes Himalayan Edible Rock Salt, Himalayan Salt licks & agriculture salt, Himalayan Salt lamps and Salt blocks and Rock Salt in different grains sizes for countless other applications.

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Himalayan Edible Salt
Himalayan Edible Salt
Animal Feed Salt
Himalayan Salt Lick
Industrial Rock Salt
Industrial Salt
Salt lamps, Candle Lights
Salt Lamps & Crafts
Salt Blocks
Himalayan Salt Blocks